The Restaurant

Hunt & Fish Club, a 9,000 sq. foot steakhouse debuted in the heart of Midtown Manhattan late 2014… with a classic, yet contemporary menu of exceptionally prepared steaks and game as well as a unique selection of canapés, seafood offerings, an extensive wine list, steak sauces prepared table-side, and specialty cocktails.

With the desire to create an ambiance that stands out from other steakhouses, world-renowned artist Roy Nachum and design partner Studio Iyor utilized original pieces of artwork and over fifty-thousand pounds of marble in the interior to emphasize an alluring old-meets-new aesthetic for the bi-level, 180-seat space.

The fully immersive design experience allows patrons to experience art in an intimate atmosphere, transporting them back to the era of the ritzy 1960’s American steakhouse. Nachum, a New York-based contemporary artist, joined forces with design and architecture firm Studio Iyor to create a design that seamlessly connects each distinctly divided space with its own overarching color palette and atmosphere.

The entry lobby, a dramatic “Black Room,” whose highlight is an original painting by Nachum, leads into the adjacent main dining area, which is a “White Room” with an audaciously scaled 40’×20′ reflective chrome light installation. Nachum, who sees his work as an eye-opener… inserting messages or poems in Braille relief, and it encourages people to touch the work, believing that human interaction keeps the work alive and breaks the barrier between the viewer and the art.

Open for lunch and dinner, Hunt & Fish Club’s mission is to provide a distinct experience that appeals to both men and women. The well-appointed menu features an array of culinary specialties, including traditional steak and chop dishes and fresh seafood entrées, all uniquely prepared using meticulously selected, market driven ingredients.

“We were excited to unveil Hunt & Fish Club. We believe we have created a central location for people to convene, enjoy classic cuisine, incredible cocktails, world class artwork – and hopefully have an unforgettable experience,” said Anthony Scaramucci.

“Our goal is to bring back the character & depth of old school NY in a contemporary setting. We’ve worked hard to create a space that Sinatra would have been spotted at; a restaurant that is a cut above the rest with a rare design, signature cuisine, and distinct style of service that makes everyone feel special when they walk through the door,” said Eytan Sugarman, co-owner of Hunt & Fish Club.

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