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One Night Only! Allegrini’s ‘La Grola’ 2003 by the Glass!

Wednesday, January 13th:

One of the Veneto’s most famed producers, Allegrini, is known for crafting the king of Veneto’s reds, Amarone.

Here we have a modern twist on the Corvina grape (the dominant force in Amarone); this Veronese IGT is blended with a bit of Rondinella, Syrah and Sangiovese.

In thirteen years, this just-about full-bodied wine has gone from blackberry, juicy black cherry, vanilla and licorice and has evolved to notes of leather and spice.

This wine is drinking at it’s peak today, so come join us for a taste! Bottles are limited, $30 per glass.


"Truth is ever to be found in simplicity."

-Issac Newton