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Is Chivalry Making A Comeback?

Chivalry has been proclaimed dead in the modern century in concordant agreement. We scoff in distaste and joined agreement, but is it possible that we misunderstood what it was to be chivalrous entirely? Perhaps we simply fail to see where it exists, sure and strong, before our very eyes, and perhaps our modern perception of chivalry has simply been warped and misconstrued, and we ended up losing its essence altogether.

Chivalry was the heralded Knight’s Code of Conduct, their Code of Chivalry. To follow the Code of Chivalry separated the knights from the men. It was being not only an upstanding man, but an upstanding member of society. It was expecting more of oneself than was expected of you by others, and constantly exceeding societal norms and expectations.

Let’s readjust our understanding of chivalry: chivalry never was normal. It was exceptional.

Chivalry is honor and valor, loyalty and generosity, the ability to be well-spoken but also discreet when appropriate. Knighthood meant honoring your family, your company, and your state. Chivalry made a man exceptional.

And here at Hunt & Fish, we believe in the preservation and even revival of chivalry. We believe in being the greatest, and welcoming fellow greats through our doors.


"Truth is ever to be found in simplicity."

-Issac Newton