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because classy is timeless


It’s 1929. The Roaring Twenties seemed all too fleeting in New York as the nation plunges into difficult times and the public is unsettled. The economy’s stability is questioned, and social changes are sweeping the nation as Prohibition laws are put into place. It seems that the city is about to enter into darker times.

And so begins the rise of the Stork Club.

It’s “New York’s New Yorkiest”; anybody who’s worth discussing is making their appearances at the city’s hottest new nightclub. And in 1929, the Stork Club places a hold on city nightlife that will last for the next forty years in a remarkable and untouchable reign.

On any given night, you may catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity couple, from Marilyn Monroe and Yankee legend Joe Dimaggio to television favorites Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Or, perhaps you’ll see literature’s finest decompressing at the bar with a glass of whiskey, as Ernest Hemingway could often be found. John Kennedy was seen at the Stork Club more than once, dining with friends, sharing laughs, and pouring drinks: because greatness recognizes great.

What was originally a speakeasy transformed into one of the nation’s finest, and most monstrously lucrative, establishments. The brilliance of the Stork Club was its acknowledgement that class was of the few things that could endure the test of time; which is precisely why it reigned supreme for the larger part of the twentieth century.

And is precisely the reason that it was the inspiration for Hunt & Fish Club. Because elegance is timeless. In an era that is ever-changing, Hunt & Fish is the preservation of twentieth century New York, in all its greatness, class, and glory.


"Truth is ever to be found in simplicity."

-Issac Newton